CIS Support and Maintenance

The Customer Information System (CIS) is an integral part of the Meter-to-Cash for Utilities providing Electricity, Natural Gas or Water. There are different CISs in the market developed to meet the need of Utilities. However, they must be tailored and maintained every day to align with the daily needs of Utilities. Pinnacle has a team of CIS experts with experience in major CIS like S2K, Peace and BANNER that helps the clients in the day to day operations and maintenance of CIS. We have immense knowledge in Account Maintenance, Service Management, Meters, Rate Design, Billing, Accounts Receivable, Payment processing and Credit Collection. We also support interfaces like IVR (Interactive Voice Response), LMS (Streetlight Maintenance), VMS (Vegetation Management), WMS (Work Management). Utilities reach out to Pinnacle for their CIS maintenance and support because of their Subject Matter Expertise and high quality recommendation from current clients.










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