Prospect Management

A Prospect is defined as a sales team’s targeted future client whose premise is close enough to the Gas main or Gas service lines to warrant running a new connection without significant additional cost. Pinnacle has built a Prospect Identification System that will utilize existing GIS and CIS data and GIS infrastructure to create a new database and application front end which will provide an enterprise tool to standardize and improve the ability of client’s Sales and Marketing team to track prospects. This has helped clients identify prospects and provide services to their consumers.

One of the primary benefits of the Prospect Identification System is that it’s a MAP based system and it displays the existing Gas Main lines, Gas Service and Customers services on top of Imagery from Bing, so that physical structures which are not customers are visible to the application users. The system allows users to pick the structures from the imagery and create them as Prospects and track them until they become customers.








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