QA & Testing

Pinnacle with the help of highly experienced QA professionals has built a team of testers that have excelled in providing high quality testing service to the clients. Pinnacle is committed to provide excellent services to its customers. With this commitment to excell, Pinnacle has always put the client ahead of itself delivering more than expected. We have built enduring relationships with our customers based on quality delivery of services and trust.

Bringing a great solution to the client requires strong quality assurance while minimizing time to market. OEMs/ODMs require high usability, performance and quality with the release of new devices and services. Anything less than this could be devastating to a company's reputation.

Pinnacle provides both support and innovative approaches throughout the entire quality process with fully integrated testing and verification services. Regardless of the stage of development, the platform or the amount of in-house expertise, we offer a complete set of solutions for specific development needs or for providing support for end-to-end testing.


Pinnacle’s offshore support ensures the clients round the clock support with their testing needs. Pinnacle’s clients say, “They test while we sleep”. This helps the development team in fixing the defects during the day and getting the system ready to test for the night.


We provide Managed Testing Services for CIS, GIS, PeopleSoft and IVR.

Pinnacle also provides Test Consultancy for

•  Data Migration Testing

•  Device Testing

•  Web Testing

•  Data Mining and Data Management




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